Needing a Nutritionist? - Interview with Bethany Kontaxes

In this week’s episode of Form, Function, and Flow Lab, I interviewed Bethany Kontaxes, the owner of Kontaxes Nutrition. We talked about so many things that could be helpful to you and the main point is getting the facts straight about what Kontaxes Nutrition can do for you!   

In this episode we discuss:

[00:37] Introduction to the topic

[1:02] Bethany’s Introduction

[2:47] Bethany on completing her program and being licensed for it

[3:55] Bethany on getting involved with her patients

[7:50] Bethany giving a concrete example of the work she does

[15:01] What kind of blood work does Bethany recommend

[21:23] Bethany on patients struggling with postpartum issues or getting pregnant

[26:17] What Bethany hopes to focus on

Bethany is an integrative nutritionist who works with women who are struggling with hormonal imbalances or are trying to conceive and want help optimizing fertility. She takes a whole body approach to health and uses individualized testing as well as food, supplements, and lifestyle changes to help optimize a woman's cycle, fertility and hormones. She offers in-person appointments for those local to the Oil City, PA area and also offers virtual appointments.

You can check out Bethany’s work here: Home - Kontaxes Nutrition.

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Thank you for listening and see you next week!