Episode 60 - Pooping, Pelvic Floor, and Back Pain?

In this week’s episode of Form, Function, and Flow Lab, I talked about pooping, pelvic floor, and back pain. Here, I discussed how your bowel movement can be connected to how your low back feels, your SI joint feels, and how your pelvic floor is functioning.


These are the things I feel like we don’t talk often about. Women’s health talks a lot about urinary incontinence but not so much about the fecal involvement.


In this episode we discuss:

[00:36] Introduction to the topic

[1:24] Pelvic floor dysfunction and issues with stool

[5:17] Why a good, healthy stool pattern is going to affect you

[8:56] Half Happy Baby yoga pose – a great little check-in with yourself

[11:14] Accessing the back half of the pelvic floor

[16:24] Conclusion


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Thank you for listening and see you next week!