My Name is Dr. Kate, I am a chiropractor, yoga teacher, and perpetual student. 


I LOVE teaching and discovered that I love blending the biomechanics and rehab/prehab background I have from chiropractic with yoga. I started doing workshops five years ago that incorporated self myofascial release and mobility work that were in
person. I am a lifelong learner and deep dove into various continuing ed methods since graduating chiro school in 2007.


I am a huge fan of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS). I also love seeing how Immaculate Dissection, Neurokinetic Therapy, Yoga Tune Up, and Stop Chasing Pain piece things together.


I resonate with how these different areas seem to draw from one another and compile a unique and
broader picture of how the body is so much more intricately wired.


The things that I gravitate towards stressing for patients or clients are:

  • Breath Work
  • Lymph Movement 
  • Proper Core Function
  • Centrating your Joints through Movement
  • Stress Reduction (from a physiological perspective

I have found that solving the problems in someone’s core (really their entire trunk) is often enough to make their other issues resolve. “Fixing your core” cannot be accomplished without breath work, and that in turn will positively affect your lymph movement and joint centration.


This is not a fast process. You need to give it time and put in the consistent hard work.


What helps and what I find to be SO much easier is to try to get ahead of it by doing PREHAB instead of rehab. It is so much easier to fix a biomechanics issue before it causes an injury.

My goal is to give you the tools to prevent injuries that are common with the activities you LOVE or help you transition back to their passions after an injury and keep them living your best life.